Finals Official Smogon Doubles Tournament II - Finals [Won by tob]

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This was my first osdt and it was a long and great adventure. I wanna say thanks to the people that helped me in preparation or simply supported me, I appreciated so much
mammalu Mihowk LoSconosciuto waffle2O2O Ferrari450 AtraX Madara Herv and italian chat in general, and of course all members of ducks

Actuarily Toxigen JRL SMB zee Meminger21 Enzonana. thanks a lot for testing guys

For sure I forgot a lot of names, thanks to all who cheered me or helped me

And a final huge thank you to the winner tob, I don't know how many battles we did in testing during our run, to prepare our respective games helping each other, so my defeat is less bitter. We were destined to meet in finals.
Congratulations homie!
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